Hi, I'm Monique.

Certified life coach, teacher and intuitive healer. I teach people at a crossroads how to live life on their own terms. To be their authentic selves without apology, guilt or explanation. To live from a place of joy and freedom, not from others’ expectations.

Unlock the Freedom to Live Life On Your Own Terms.

I’ve been there. When I reached the crossroads of choosing to live by others’ expectations or to be the “real me”, I chose the real me – the one who dances in the rain, sings out loud and laughs without reason. And I’ve never looked back. I want the same for you. Ready?

Free Exploratory Session

At a crossroads? Ready to set yourself free? Let’s chat for 30 minutes so we can explore how boundaries can support you in charting a path for a boundless future.

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12 Week Boundary Coaching

Are you ready to live life on your own terms? In this 12-week journey, you’ll discover how boundaries are your key to freedom. The key that unlocks the authentic YOU!

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Personalized Color Map

Explore how color can brighten your life! This is a unique opportunity for a 1:1 intuitive session wherein I coach you on how to boost your energy with color.

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