Boundary Coaching

Crossroads, they are a part of life.

Sometimes they’re big, sometimes they’re small. But it’s not the size that matters, it’s what we do when we get there. Do we go left, right, up, or down? The answer is not always clear or easy, so many of us do nothing and stay comfortable. And that’s ok. I get it, I stayed comfortable for years in a career that brought me great things, but it did not bring me joy. The kind of joy where you wake up each day and are excited. The kind of joy where you feel free to be yourself. The kind of joy you read about in books. So I stayed, got sick, and then finally chose joy over everything else.

How? I created boundaries in my life.

Boundaries Can Change Your Life

Boundaries became my key to freedom, and they can do the same for you. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, hold a traditional job (like me) or an empty nester, the status quo no longer works for you. You want more than just being comfortable. You want more than playing it safe. You want the freedom to do what you want and be who you are, without apologies, explanations or guilt. We all deserve to live like this, and we all can live like this. But it all starts with boundaries.

Let me be clear, boundaries are not about protection or about keeping someone else out of your space. Nor are they about changing another’s behavior. They are all about YOU. They are the space where you begin and someone else ends. They are the space where you are clear about what you will or will not do, and what you will or will not accept. They are the space where you are free to let more of the real YOU in so that you live in alignment with what brings you joy. Because, my friend, when you are excited about life, life will blossom. Say yes to boundaries, and you say YES to YOU!

Are you ready to create healthy boundaries?

Boundary coaching is a 12-week journey based on Nancy Levin’s teachings in “Boundaries Will Set You Free,” in which we co-create a personal boundary road map for you.* I will support you in a safe space and all we share will be confidential. With my intuitive ability, I tap into what is keeping you standing still, and will provide you with new insights about your life. During our weekly sessions, we examine where you are in your life and where you want to be. We look at where you have boundaries in place, where you need boundaries and create a plan to put them in place. We cover everything from co-dependence, to getting comfortable with discomfort, to setting beginner and bottom line boundaries. The end goal is to move out of your old story, and to create a new, empowering one.

During this journey, your life will unfold in the most extraordinary ways. You will recognize that having boundaries makes life easier. Saying “no” to others becomes comfortable, saying “yes” to yourself becomes simple. Living life on your own terms becomes natural. Boundaries will become part of your daily life without much thought. At the end, you will leave with an understanding of what is possible, (which is EVERYTHING!), when you create and maintain boundaries.

When you Say YES to Boundaries, you say YES to you!

*All sessions will be held via Zoom or telephone.