Personalized Color Map

Look around you – what do you see?  Blue in the sky, red in an apple, yellow on a wall, purple on a shirt.  COLOR!  It’s everywhere.  From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the grass beneath our feet, we are surrounded by color.  It’s part of everyday life, but who really notices, and really, who truly cares?

Well, you should!  Because color and how we use it can affect us emotionally, mentally and physically.  Think about how you feel when you look at a deep blue sea.  Calm and relaxed.  What about a yellow lemon?  Alive and peppy.  How about red lipstick? Sultry and sexy.  Or one of my favorites – pink cotton candy!  Light, airy and childlike.  We all choose color for different reasons, but mostly because specific colors make us feel good.

In a color map session, you’ll receive 30 minutes of 1:1 intuitive coaching as to what color to add to your life for balance and stability.  I’ll give you simple, everyday tools – such as what fruit to eat, what colored pencil to draw with, what color socks to wear – that you can use to boost your mood and energy field.  You’ll be surprised how adding color into your life can support you in feeling more energetic, creative and powerful.  Come join the color fun!*

* All sessions will be held via Zoom or telephone.